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Destiny 2: Dates when Couturier armour ornaments will sell for Bright Dust

Published: 07:51, 14 May 2021
Destiny 2 - Couturier Hunter ornament set
Destiny 2 - Couturier Hunter ornament set

Season of the Splicer brought a new ornament set in the Eververse store but if you don't want to spend Silver for it, you might want to know the exact weeks when you can grab pieces for Bright Dust.

Five ornament pieces, five different weeks, all crammed into two months of Season of the Splicer, if you are looking to buy them with Bright Dust.

Couturier ornament for the class item will be the first one on sale for BD, during the week starting with June 8, 2021, roughly one month after the season start.

Boot ornaments will be the second in line, in the week after the class item. In other words, they will be on sale between June 15 and 22.

Glove ornaments will be the last part of the Couturier set on sale for Bright Dust during the month as you will be able to buy them from June 29 to July 6.

Following the sale of the gloves, you will need to wait almost a month for the chest piece to appear in Bright Dust offerings, which is scheduled to happen on August 3, 2021.

Couturier helmets will be sold in the week immediately after, between August 10 and 17, at which point you will be able to complete the set, provided you logged in during the correct weeks and had enough Bright Dust in your wallet.

This information is all coming from the Eververse Weekly tool that can be found on the Today In Destiny website. It contains the entire schedule of Eververse offerings for the season except for a few classified items that Bungie are hiding for the moment.

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