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Destiny 2 cheating might subside after Bungie threatened legal action

Published: 02:04, 18 October 2020
Destiny 2 - Start of a Crucible Control match
Destiny 2 - Start of a Crucible Control match

The thrill of seeing cheaters getting what they deserve is only surpassed by seeing cheat makers get kicked in the shins and that's exactly what Bungie did recently. As a result, Crucible games in Destiny 2 should become much more enjoyable.

Wishing bad tidings is usually not a good thing but when the person or group in question literally sells ways to ruin other people's fun in video games, it is hard not to feel joy when legal action gets taken against them.

Bungie recently threatened matters to court with the most popular cheat maker when it comes to Destiny 2. Perfect Aim used to be the go-to place for anyone wishing to pump their KDA at the expense of enjoyment of everyone involved in their matches. 

This is no longer the case and when you go to their Destiny 2 section, a notification appears, stating that the product is no longer available. The reason for it is that Bungie notified Perfect Aim that their "product" violates the game's license agreement and cease and desist was sent the cheat makers' way.

They also noted that Bungie made a claim that the cheats violate license agreement, insinuating that the other party doesn't believe so. Furthermore, they "won't comment on whether these claims are justified or not" although they "decided to comply with this demand regardless". 

While it's still annoying that these people consider their "product" something that shouldn't be vilified, it's good to know that their opinion doesn't really matter and the fact they stopped distributing Destiny 2 cheats hints they don't have a legal leg to stand on.

Others are calling for Ring1 to be in Bungie's crosshairs next but it is important to keep in mind that booting Perfect Aim out of rotation was also a big win.

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