Destiny 2: How to start fishing and get bait

Published: 01:12, 24 May 2023
Destiny 2 - Fishing in progress
Destiny 2 - Fishing in progress

Destiny 2 has added fishing, which is a rather weird thing to do in this type of game.

Fishing has been around in MMOs for a long time now but it appears that Bungie devs weren't bothered by the lack of sense in seeing Guardians fishing by using fishing rods.

After all the insane stunts we pulled with both Light and Darkness powers, Destiny 2 just looks weird when Guardians aren't using such advanced ways to catch fish.

In any case, the minigame is here and here is a quick rundown on how to get into it.

To start fishing, you will need to complete "Into the Depths" introductory quest and then visit the Sonar Station at the HELM to pick up another quest.

Eventually, you will get a step that sends you to Hawthorne so go visit her and she will give you an intro on fishing. After obtaining the "Gone Fishing" quest, the game will give you a rundown on how the activity works and tell you about fishing spots.

You can fish at any given time but if you don't have any bait, you will not be as successful. In order to obtain bait, you will need to complete the regular mundane activities such as public events, playlist activities or the seasonal activity.

Considering how easy it is to get the bait through activities you will be completing anyway, your inventory should be overflowing at all times. 

As a reminder, the eligible fishing spots can be found in EDZ, Nessus and Savathun's Throne World ponds.


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