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Destiny 2: Bottom Dollar drop rate will increase soon

Published: 16:43, 26 February 2021
Destiny 2 - Bottom Dollar
Destiny 2 - Bottom Dollar

Bungie noted they will increase the drop rates of weapons tied to certain activities, which includes Bottom Dollar from Gambit.

Hand Cannons are usually decent weapons in Destiny 2 but their usefulness went through the roof with the buffs they received with Season of the Chosen, leading players to value them even more.

This is especially the case with 140 RPM HCs and even more so with the 120 RPM archetype. It is this last group that Bottom Dollar falls into, leading Guardians to farm Gambit, an activity that is normally not that popular.

Still, all this grinding didn't yield favourable results as the drop rate proved to be extremely low and the perk pool extremely wide, which meant even those few drops we get are almost guaranteed to be nowhere near the rolls we were after.

Bungie turned out to have designed these issues by choice as they wanted players to participate in the playlist much more in order to get a proper drop with decent rolls but they decided to alter the drop rates based on player feedback. The team didn't specify when the change will kick in other than "later in Season of the Chosen" and said they will be monitoring feedback after the drop rate increase kicks in.

The devs still don't want these weapons to be acquired too quickly and want to extend the grind so players keep chasing them in order to obtain perfect rolls so further alterations might happen even later on.

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This also means we will start seeing more Palindrome around and getting those High Impact Reserves may not be as much of a headache as it is now.

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