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Destiny 2: Beyond Light gets weapons and gear trailer

Published: 15:44, 07 October 2020
Updated: 15:45, 07 October 2020
Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Icefall Mantle
Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Icefall Mantle

Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion will be here soon. New gear and weapons will help Guardians prepare for the challenges that lie within Europa's frozen wasteland.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light's weapons and gear just got their very own trailer, courtesy of Bungie. Today's trailer highlights the Weapons and Gear the players will be able to get their hands on when the upcoming expansion hits the shelves on November 10.

Guardians will wield all-new weapons and armour as they trek through the frozen vistas of Europa. Check out the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer exploring the upcoming expansions' Weapons and Gear below.

Waiting Below The Ice 

Exotic Weapons 

  • Exotic Pulse Rifle: No Time to Explain
  • Exotic Sniper Rifle: Cloudstrike
  • Exotic Sword: The Lament
  • Exotic Grenade Launcher: Salvation’s Grip

Exotic Armor

  • Titan Exotic Helmet: Precious Scars
  • Titan Exotic Gauntlets: Icefall Mantle
  • Hunter Exotic Gauntlets: Arthrys’s Embrace
  • Hunter Exotic Helmet: Mask of Bakris
  • Warlock Exotic Helmet: Dawn Chorus
  • Warlock Exotic Gauntlets: Necrotic Grip
  • And more

The new weapons, armour and accessories will be available so that each Guardian can make a loadout that suits their playstyle.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light arrives on 10 November.

You can find more information on the Weapons and Gear coming in Beyond Light here . For more information about Europa, please click here .

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