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Destiny 2 Beyond Light ViDoc offers first look at Uldren Sov's return

Published: 14:34, 27 October 2020
Destiny 2 - Uldren Sov
Destiny 2 - Uldren Sov

Uldren Sov is officially back in Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the infamous return may present Guardians with a surprise, although it may be a welcome one.

When Europa was announced as the place where Beyond Light would unfold, many hoped that we would see the return of a dear character that perished in Forsaken. Spoiler alert, no one was looking forward to Uldren Sov getting back. Still, Bungie managed to get the story under our skin with subtle teasers over a prolonged period and by the time Season of the Hunt was revealed, we were anxiously waiting to see his return.

With the ViDoc, seen below, they revealed that Uldren is finally reappearing in the game. Technically, he was around ever since the end of Forsaken when a Ghost found him but we were limited to reading lore entries. In other words, it was all tell, don't show until now.

The trailer takes a cutscene we will inevitably stumble into in Beyond Light as it appears Guardians are dealing with trouble on two fronts - Osiris is looking into another relative of Oryx while Zavala seems to be focused on Eramis. 

During one scene when we meet Osiris, he gets impaled by a Knight and when things start looking bleak, they only get bleaker when he's saved by Forsaken's apparent antagonist. However, Bungie quickly explained the lore bits we could find earlier, noting that Uldren has no memory of the events that led to his death.

As a nod to long-time fans who followed Destiny since the very beginning, Uldren is now referring to himself as the Crow. One interesting scene also shows him and the Guardian in front of the Spider. That should be an interesting reunion, or rather a standoff.

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