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Destiny 2 anti-Champion mods will behave differently in Beyond Light

Published: 23:45, 05 November 2020
Destiny 2 - Eriana's Vow
Destiny 2 - Eriana's Vow

Bungie are changing the mod slots for anti-Champion mods in Destiny 2: Beyond Light which will most likely be a change welcome by all Guardians everywhere.

Champions are a bit of a nuisance in Nightfalls that lock your equipment since it can be hard to get load-outs that feel good for Destiny 2 players without sacrificing the ability to take down these empowered enemies.

Come Season of the Hunt, this will be easier to pull off because these mods will be slotted on armour pieces instead of weapons themselves. In other words, we might end up being able to properly use a primary, special and heavy weapon instead of running two primaries to properly counter the champions in some situations.

This will also leave the weapon mod slot open so we don't have to always shift between the ones we use in PvE and PvP. Icarus Grip may be fantastic in the Crucible but it's pretty useless in PvE where the opponents are easy to hit as it is.

Keep in mind that Exotics will still retain their anti-Champion abilities. Eriana's Vow will still counter Barriers and Leviathan's Breath will counter Unstoppable enemies.

On the topic of the sniper rifle posing as a hand cannon, it will now be able to penetrate Taken Phalanx shields. 

Destiny 2

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
Destiny 2

This was probably intended before as well since the weapon chews through Knight shields as well but for some reason it didn't work on Darkness-infused space rhinos.

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