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Destiny 2 AFK Forge farming nerfed but still possible

Published: 20:01, 16 June 2020
Destiny 2 - Ada-1
Destiny 2 - Ada-1

AFK farming in Destiny 2 Forges provided Guardians with an easy way to farm up their Power level but Bungie decided to stop it and the latest hotfix partially eradicated this issue.

Destiny 2 introduces a bigger Power level cap each Season and the latest one that can be farmed up with regular engram means is 1050. However, some players don't like the grind anymore and opt into farming some of the lost Black Armory Forges instead.

The way it works is that Guardians queue up for the activity and then don't do a thing. After the Forge run is failed, they are still awarded an Umbral Engram and then the game would automatically queue them for another run, before the AFK timer kicked them out.

Bungie's apparent fix to this conundrum is to prevent the game from automatically queueing people after a Forge run. Those wishing to gear up now have to manually click the activity in the Director while in orbit. Technically, this will require players to at least do something and not go watch a movie while engrams pile up.

Still, this doesn't solve partially AFK farming in Forges. One could still occasionally pop in, queue up and go do something else. The only difference is that they would have to tab back to Destiny 2 from time to time.

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In other words, those looking to complete Forge runs will still run into AFK players who have had it with bounty and arbitrary number farming. The good news is that you can buy a bunch of level 750 gear from Rahool and location vendors, drop you overall Power level to 750 or below and queue up for Forges. 

That way you will not ruin anyone's run as the game will match you with other AFK farmers. Additionally, you will not bump into enraged players who wanted to complete a run and then decided to just prolong the timer until the game kicks you for AFKing. Despite being Power level 750, you will still get engrams that are stronger than your real Power level.

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