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Kojima: Death Stranding uses internet as metaphor for connection

Published: 07:59, 26 April 2019
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Death Stranding

In his talk at Tribeca Film Festival, Hideo Kojima shared a few more tidbits on Death Stranding. Apparently, the game uses the internet as a metaphor for connection, which is a huge theme in the game, even though it focuses on solo play.

Kojima's appearance was documented by a ResetEra user, who's obviously as anxious to learn more as we are.

According to Kojima, Death Stranding is an open world game that brings something new to the genre, which seems to refer to the internet connection thing.

This connection is apparently a big theme in Death Stranding and despite playing alone, players will be looking to connect. " In both the gameplay and story, 'connection' will be key. Everyone will be connected. Kojima is visibly enthusiastic about this", says the post.

Kojima refused to go into more detail, for fear of being "disconnected" by Sony. He did, however, continue to ponder whether it's better to connect or disconnect, and it seems like this is the kind of dilemma players will have to face too.

Death Stranding's development is not an easy task, he thinks, and requires careful balancing of player freedom and freedom of movement with the narrative. Nevertheless, players will feel like they are the ones ultimately making choices.

Kojima also reflected on working with Hollywood actors, claiming that now - there's no going back to the pre-CG era. He claims to have been surprised with the added depth that real actors brought to the table, and that despite being able to create everything in CG, he's limited by what is in his head.

Additionally, actor Norman Reedus said that players will be very emotionally invested in the game and quite probably cry.

If you're waiting to find out more, Kojima says we might see more in a month or so. "Maybe".

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Many questions on Death Stranding remain unanswered, and we've heard that it may even launch on the , so we can only hope that Kojima shares more in an month or so. Maybe. 

You can find the post on ResetEra .

Death Stranding, upcoming PS4 exclusive by Kojima Productions

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Death Stranding

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