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Death Stranding 2 could be released later than expected

Published: 14:30, 01 January 2023
Death Stranding 2's release date could be postponed for 2024
Death Stranding 2's release date could be postponed for 2024

Death Stranding 2's release date may be postponed before it is even officially revealed, according to a leak made by the game's former senior artist. 

Death Stranding 2 former senior artist Frank Alberti, who worked on the game for a while, has revealed the year of this game's release on his ArtStation profile. According to his profile, Death Stranding 2 is supposed to be released in 2024.

After Death Stranding 2 fans detected this information, the game designer modified the profile and deleted the year of release, eventually replacing it with 2023. Fans regarded this as a leak and an attempt to cover up the mistake Alberti accidentally made.

Death Stranding 2 was announced at this year's TGA by Hideo Kojima himself and was one of the most mentioned games on social media during the event. The specific release date has not been revealed; the announcement merely states TGA 2023, but if this leak is correct, we may have to wait a bit longer for our favourite postman's next adventure.

Hideo Kojima claimed that he had the script for the sequel to Death Stranding written two years ago, but he had to change it because the world during the pandemic was too similar to the one in the game. This has dealt a significant blow to the manufacturing plans for Death Stranding 2.

According to the leak from an insider, Death Stranding 2 will probably be an exclusive for the PlayStation 5 once it is released. This comes as no surprise given that the original Death Stranding was a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a time before becoming available for PC .

ign Death Stranding 2 could come out later than we hoped Death Stranding 2 may arrive later than expected

One of the rare games that did not face any delays was the original Death Stranding. However, it took three years from the game's announcement until its release. Let's just hope Kojima Productions will live up to their good reputation and deliver Death Stranding 2 without any unnecessary delays.


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