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Death Stranding's rain washes away what was done by other players

Published: 13:01, 07 October 2019
Kojima Productions
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In one of his recent interviews, Death Stranding's director Hideo Kojima discussed the mechanics that resets actions by other players, which in this case is plain ol' rain, as well as consequences of player actions on NPCs' livelihoods.

The interview in question is courtesy of DTF's YouTube channel, which has been posted on Reddit and translated with assistance from Reddit users.

Kojima was asked how important will it be to play Death Stranding from the get-go, seeing as how the roads will presumably be paved with other games. Firstly, he said this is quite a popular question, quite rightfully so, but that it's now how the landscape will look. 

"It is important that the player can go through this adventure himself. The game provides mechanics that resets all actions of other players. Rains wash away everything that was done by other players. Plus, the gameplay is designed so that there is no strong influence from other players", he said. 

According to Kojima, it will take very long to complete Death Stranding, but he didn't go into details on whether he means just the core game or the complete deal. The latter implies all the achievements and traditionally means 'very long' on just about any game you think of. 

Kojima was asked whether he was aware of the popularity he enjoys in Russia, what with his Instagram account bursting at the seams with Russian commenters. Apparently, it wasn't until Instagram that he realised just how popular he is, and he mentioned a documentary that ranked him as the 7th most popular Japanese person in Russia. 

You can find the video interview (in Russian), with the translated transcription posted .

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Death Stranding

Meanwhile, that Death Stranding's NPCs will live and die by players' decisions, letting players build long and meaningful connections, should they choose to do so. Kojima offered the example of an old man that requires medicine, and that not all players will continue to supply them - a scenario that ends in his death.

"Through such actions, a connection arises with the character. We really hope that the significance of the connection between people - how it is formed, how it develops - will be revealed, and it will be interesting for you to play it", he said.

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