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Dauntless roadmap announces Umbral Escalation and client-based dodging

Published: 21:21, 17 April 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless character wielding a crescent-shaped staff
Dauntless, Haunted Shadows

Phoenix Labs have updated the roadmap for their monster-slaying action-RPG Dauntless with new content and some technical improvements like client-authoritative dodging.

"Umbral aether. Perhaps the most mysterious and unexplainable energy known to aethersmiths. Its very nature resists intensive study, but its power is undeniable. Umbral Escalation will offer a glimpse into this dark void", it says in the roadmap entry. 

What we can already promise you even before we see it is that you'll find a world of hurt within that "dark void". Dauntless' umbral behemoths are quite nasty, occasionally even scary, but always a welcome challenge. 

That said, with Riftstalker and Shrowd being the entire umbral lineup, expect a few stragglers adapted to suit the mood, as was the case with the earlier Escalations. 

As for client-authoritative dodging, this feature is likely to benefit more players than any sort of content drop, as it's been discussed and cried over on multiple occasions. 

Dauntless players rely on the dodge move for the brief invulnerability window, or iframes as Phoenix Labs like to call them. Unfortunately, having serverside implementation in a fast-paced game like this meant that yours and the server's iframes could be off by quite a margin, all dependent on your connection quality. 

"Client-authoritative dodging is in the final stages of internal testing. We’re getting close to squashing all the bugs and are currently ironing out edge cases. Stay tuned for more updates", the dev wrote. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless: Scorched Earth update key art Dauntless: Scorched Earth

Phoenix Labs also wrote a brief sneak peek at the Rogue Elements Hunt Pass, where they wrote, "Rumours circulating among long-haul freighter captains speak of fractures within the ranks of the Ostian Navy. Commando teams in swift-striking javelin ships have rebelled against an overcautious chain of command to take matters into their own hands. They’re tired of the rules and bureaucracy, and now they just want results. With the help of the Slayers of Ramsgate, they just might get them."

Dauntless, Phoenix Point's beautifully looking action RPG

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