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Dauntless: Reforged launches with The Last Avatar's glider

Published: 22:14, 03 December 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless: Reforged, The Last Behemoth Bender
Dauntless: Reforged, The Last Behemoth Bender

Phoenix Labs are men and women of culture - there we said it - not only did they roll out the biggest, most complex Dauntless update yet, they also threw in a very familiar glider.

Yes, yes, we know, not all gliders are from The Last Avatar, but this one looks just like Aang's, so we'll just keep pretending even if it isn't. Gliders work like a charm in the new Hunting Grounds, and as long as you have the stamina - you shall glide. 

As for the more palpable Dauntless: Reforged changes, the first and most obvious are the Hunting Grounds, the game's new and unified way of hunting. Drop onto an island - try to kill as many behemoths as you find. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless, Hunting Grounds Dauntless, Hunting Grounds

"The Hunting Grounds are Dauntless’ biggest and most ambitious hunt experience yet, designed from the ground up to provide you with an endless stream of action and activities. The Hunting Grounds currently offer 18 islands to explore, brimming with flora, fauna, treasures to discover, and — of course — fearsome Behemoths", they wrote.

You'll often be surrounded by allies, other times not - but Phoenix Labs did all the math to make it flow - you even get a free resurrection after waiting a bit. 

Dauntless: Reforged also bring the Slayer's Path, another new system that makes the game's complexity a bit easier to grasp. Basically, it's a progression tree of progression trees, and it's the easiest place to monitor your progress.

Phoenix Labs Dauntless, The Slayer's Path Dauntless, The Slayer's Path

With the Slayer's Path comes the new gear progression, weapon skill levels, reforging and power surging as ways to further maximise your gear, etc. 

Note that you'll probably have to stick around a bit until the new progression system clicks properly, as it's been redesigned from the ground up to do away with incremental upgrades in favour of a tier system. 

You can learn more on the official website .

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