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Dauntless: Tips on progression, reforging, and unlocking Aang's Glider

Published: 00:14, 04 December 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless: Reforged, Merits
Dauntless: Reforged, Merits

Of course, it is Aang's glider - whose else would it be? Anyway, unlocking Dauntless: Reforged's new addition isn't hard, but it may be a bit confusing.

We're saying that because there's a bunch of new things coming at the same time - you might miss the part that the Glider merely needs to be unlocked, not won via a fight or anything.

Basically, Phoenix Labs are inviting you to check the new progression out, and The Slayer's Path is a unified, topmost progression that keeps track of all progressions. Heck, if you're learning chord progressions, you'll probably find them inside.

This is where Dauntless' Glider is located, just scroll downwards until you hit the icons of wings on the left. Or just look for the Milestone III if you find that easier than icons. 

Once you're there, just click and get ready for glidapalooza. Note that the Glider isn't meant for Escalations, but it will work just fine in the new Hunting Grounds. You can also unlock additional stability and speed Glider frames, which don't seem to be pricey at all. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless: Reforged, Glider Dauntless: Reforged, Glider

Slayer's Path features 12 main, i.e. central nodes, which branch off into a bunch of nodes to the sides - so...side quests! They require more than just experience, which is where rams and merits come into play. 

Dauntless: Reforged requires a new currency for Slayer's Path - Merits, which include combat and exploration merits. 

Perhaps more importantly, though, the weapons are likely to be confusing to players at first, because Phoenix Labs moved to a tiered system. In other words, getting a new weapon means you can start using it immediately, rather than do the mandatory grind to get them up to scratch. 

Furthermore, Dauntless: Reforged relies quite a bit on your weapon skill level, i.e. your level of competence with the entire class of weapons. As for gaining weapon XP - it's still done by slaying Behemoths and completing bounties. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless: Reforged, The Last Behemoth Bender Dauntless: Reforged, The Last Behemoth Bender

Yet another addition to Dauntless' weapon system is reforging, which lets you reforge your skill once you hit level 20 and unlock the node on the Slayer's Path. 

In short, it does the following:

  • You spend 100 aethersparks and receive an aetherheart
  • You make progress on the Empowerment branch of the Slayer’s Path. This is a late-game side path that grants passive bonuses to all weapons
  • You reset your weapon skill to level one. (This also resets your weapon skill power and resistance bonuses.)    
  • You gain a reforge rank in that weapon skill.

You can learn more via the official website .

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