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Dauntless: Clear Skies reworks Ramsgate and Sword

Published: 18:18, 30 July 2020
Updated: 18:19, 30 July 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless, reworked Sword
Dauntless, reworked Sword

Phoenix Labs have started rolling out Dauntless: Clear Skies, the latest update that makes Ramsgate a far more homely place, reworks the Sword and adds a new Hunt Pass.

Not that the old Ramsgate was ugly, mind you, but the existing room was gradually filled up with new additions. So, the studio threw a big event that saw Arkan Drew save the people but leave the old Ramsgate to its fate. 

 The good news is that the new Ramsgate is optimised for players and ease of access. Dauntless' dev team even made sure to diversify the soundscape of each area, so that the area can sound exactly what it looks like it would.

"When we started thinking about what a new Ramsgate would look like, we knew we needed to build it in a way that made it easy to get to the areas you access the most, while simultaneously adding new areas of interest and giving each denizen of Ramsgate their own city zone with a unique personality", they wrote. 

The new Ramsgate now has the Central Plaza, which is where you'll find the Bazaar, smithy, new tonic vendor and your hunt board. Need to go somewhere fast? Dauntless' main base now offers aether vent transport across the city. 

Speaking of transport, Ramsgate Racing will now let you race your friends around the city and collect wisps to win. 

If you're on the lookout for a nice view, Dauntless will now let you activate vista shots whenever you see sparkly wisps in the air. Keep an eye out for special objects though, as the dev sprinkled new entries to unlock in your journal. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless, reworked Sword Dauntless, reworked Sword

As for the Sword, Phoenix Labs went through a few iterations, some even more button-mash friendly than others, eventually settling on the version we'll see today. 

The new Sword is built around three components. Core combos generate Valour; Valour combos consume it, while the special meter lets you execute special moves.

Dauntless players will still be able to get through matches by using the basic Core combos. Those who want more will be able to get their fill with more powerful Valour ones, and if you keep landing combos - Special Moves await. 

You can learn more about the new Sword and see some videos of it in action here .

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