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Dauntless gets details on Umbral Escalation and new boss Thrax

Published: 08:25, 08 June 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless' artwork for Umbral Escalation
Dauntless, Umbral Escalation artwork

Phoenix Labs have finally put a date on Dauntless' new Escalation Call of the Void and it launches alongside the Relics & Ruin Huntpass on June 11, 2020.

There's something undeniably sleek about the purple-and-black combo of Umbral behemoths, so we really dig Call of the Void already. Naturally, this is not just about a pretty face, doubly so if you think we're referring to Thrax. 

"These cunning Behemoths use portals to hunt, striking through rifts with razor-sharp forelimbs and emerging from void-space to dive onto prey. Luring one into the open may be your best bet, but even this plan demands caution. Untreated, a Thrax's corrupting influence can leave a Slayer so drained that they can barely lift a finger — much less a weapon", the dev wrote. 

As you can see in the trailer, Thrax is much larger than its other Umbral colleagues but the extra bulk clearly isn't affecting its speed. Same goes for elusiveness, as Thrax uses all the Umbral tricks you'd expect from Dauntless' teleport-friendly class of behemoths.

Like in the Escalations past, beating Dauntless' new boss earns you special gear that cannot be found elsewhere. Each legendary weapon in Call of the Void comes with two Prismatic cell slots that take any type of cell, which means you can tailor your loadouts to an even greater extent.

Dauntless new weapon can also gain other weapons' perks, which requires bonding your Thrax weapon to them. As for the Legendary weapon ability, Phoenix Labs wrote, "Activating your Thrax weapon's legendary ability will deal umbral damage to surrounding enemies, then teleport you into the sky. Target a landing spot and slam back to earth to dish out even more umbral damage."

Thrax's Armour has three built-in perks - Nine Lives, Cunning and Catalyst, where the last one is a new perk that extends the duration of tonics. Earning 25 talent points unlocks the cosmetic upgrade set that will let you glow in the dark - can't go more Umbral than that.

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