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Dauntless getting Umbral Escalation soon, sword rework next

Published: 21:26, 04 June 2020
Updated: 21:28, 04 June 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless, Umbral Deeps
Dauntless, Umbral Deeps

Phoenix Labs have begun teasing the upcoming Umbral Escalation, which should be arriving with the Relics & Ruin Huntpass, but there's no shortage of news from the dev.

As the name suggests, Dauntless' Umbral Escalation will be all about Umbral Behemoths, who are quite formidable on their own, let alone with additional company. It's safe to assume it'll be the most difficult one yet, so make sure to bring your shiny new gear. 

Phoenix Labs have been teasing bits and pieces from the new escalation, like the artwork you see below and the lore episode about the Umbral Deeps. 

The only thing Dauntless developer confirmed for now is that you won't be climbing up in Umbral Escalations. "Prepared to delve", they wrote on their Twitter, but the increased frequency of posting means the announcement should come really soon.

Back when they announced the new Escalation, Phoenix Labs said that client authoritative dodging is in the final stage of testing. Dauntless players with moody internet connections will no longer need to manually compensate for latency whenever servers act up - dodging will be calculated in accordance with what you see on-screen. 

Note, however, that Phoenix Labs haven't mentioned it since so there's still a possibility that it won't launch with the new Hunt Pass and Escalation. 

Dauntless players have a lot to look forward to as the roadmap has been updated with a bunch of new features, like Training Grounds to test your loadouts before entering battle, and even a new weapon. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless' artwork for Umbral Escalation Dauntless, Umbral Escalation artwork

"Weapon eight: In progress. The next weapon for Dauntless is still in early development, but we’ve shifted our focus for the time being. Our new focus will be on reworking the weapons currently available in the Shattered Isles to ensure each one is deep, viable, and above all, fun", they wrote. 

The rework they're referring to is the Sword, and the goal is to make it more fun and satisfying, since it is the first weapon players pick up. We're talking about early stages of development though, so don't expect it to be soon. You can check out the game's roadmap  on the official website.

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