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Dauntless: Scorched Earth adds Torgadoro, Blaze Escalation, new Hunt Pass

Published: 09:24, 20 March 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless: Scorched Earth key art
Dauntless: Scorched Earth

Phoenix Labs' action-RPG Dauntless is turning up the heat with the free Scorched Earth update, both figuratively and literally. The update adds the game's biggest Behemoth in Torgadoro, a fresh new Blaze Escalation and the new Hunt Pass.

You may want to dress light for the Blaze Escalation, as it's all about fire and brimstone the closer you get to the end of the island. 

Torgadoro, Dauntless' new Behemoth may be the biggest one yet, but players will find that he's surprisingly nimble. In other words, don't expect any favours, as the big guy can move like a boss. Pun intended, we suppose. 

It just so happens that Torgadoro is the first Behemoth that uses the environment to its advantage. His move towards the volcano is said to be particularly painful so you may want to watch out. 

Completing Dauntless: Scorched Earth's new Escalation unlocks a new set of Legendary schematics with the following:

  • Two prismatic cell slots    
  • Weapon bonding    
  • A powerful legendary ability

Torgadoro weapon's Legendary ability lets players channel the Behemoth's burning rage, which is quite vicious against targets under 50 per cent health.

"Behemoths warped by charged blaze aether have also appeared on the Escalation islands. If you decide to make the climb, you’ll encounter Quillshots with explosive quills, Gnashers spouting fireballs, and an especially deadly variant of Rezakiri (think lava beams)", the dev wrote. 

Phoenix Labs Charged blaze aether-warped Behemoths from Dauntless Dauntless: Scorched Earth, charged blaze aether-warped Behemoths

Much like the Escalation before it, Blaze Escalation will require strategic planning and learning how to handle the fiery beasts. Whether it's rationing supplies, considering amp choices or some added communication - players should find it will challenge them quite nicely. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless: Scorched Earth behemothTorgadoro Dauntless: Scorched Earth, Torgadoro

You can learn more on the official Dauntless website .

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