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Dauntless update halves installation on PS4, drops size on Xbox One

Published: 09:48, 08 July 2020
Phoenix Labs
Dauntless character wielding a crescent-shaped staff
Dauntless, Haunted Shadows

Dauntless' latest escalation is firing on all cylinders and Phoenix Labs are following it up with an update that should make PS4 owners' life easier, cutting the installation footprint in half.

"We’ve repackaged the way that Dauntless is stored and downloaded on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will reduce the size of the download required for future patches and minimize the amount of storage it requires."

In order to make this happen, Dauntless' console players will have to download an update of around 8GB on PS4 and Xbox One. Once they do though, Phoenix Labs will be able to deliver more content with smaller downloads, so that your Call of Duty: Warzone installation can continue to grow and prosper until it gains sentience.

  • PlayStation 4: Now uses 8.13 GB of storage (down from 16.4 GB)    
  • Xbox One: Now uses 7.6 GB of storage (down from 8.7 GB)    
  • Nintendo Switch: No need to stress — your download for patch 1.3.2 is a lean 285Mb.

The remainder of the update is reserved for smaller tweaks and localizations, the latter allowing for the Russian language on PS4. 

As for more game-centric tweaks, Dauntless players will find that Nayzaga's shielded pylons now apply the knockback correctly. 

Riftstalkers will no longer suicide from own enraged teleport attacks, and Boreus' transparent spots in the ice shield phase have been dealt with as well. 

Phoenix Labs Dauntless

Last but not least is the Sword, as Dauntless players found the Avenging Overdrive speed buff can stack infinitely if your connection is interrupted.

Dauntless, Phoenix Point's beautifully looking action RPG

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