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CS2 changes buy menu to look more like Valorant's

Published: 02:22, 07 June 2023
Counter Strike 2 - Buy menu changes in a picture
Counter Strike 2 - Buy menu changes in a picture

The wheel is going away and it remains to be seen if anyone will actually miss it.

Counter-Strike 2 will feeature a buy menu that closely resembles that of Valorant as Valve appears to have decided to get rid of the wheel which was a staple for CS:GO.

Since CS2 is basically just an upgrade of CS:GO, the fans didn't give it much thought before the announcement but now that the word is out, everyone has an opinion.

Quite a few players are actually relieved the wheel is going away as it proved clunky in some situations but in all honesty, most of the veterans were just typing the buys so quickly that they almost never even saw the shop UI anymore.

In any case, the new menu will also let players bring loadouts into their matches, where they can pick:

  • Four pistols
  • Five mid-range weapons (SMGs and Heavy)
  • Five rifles

That last part is especially interesting because people will be able to bring more than just one copy of the virtually same gun. For example, both versions of the M4 can be implemented into a loadout.

That said, it may not always be a good option to bring weapons that are similar performance-wise so choose carefully.

Additionally, the game will now let players refund their most recent purchases before they use the weapons in question.


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