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Star Wars: The Old Republic studio seems to be shutting down

Published: 02:04, 07 June 2023
Star Wars: The Old Republic is switching hands
Star Wars: The Old Republic is switching hands

Popular Star Wars MMO is going to be handed to a new studio while the home base will seemingly end up dissolved.

Star Wars: The Old Republic turned out to be a model of longevity as far as the games from the franchise go but that doesn't appear to be enough for EA .

Namely, new reports suggest that the game will end up developed by a studio outside of EA in the future which sounds worrisome for BioWare Austin .

The studio that developed the game is one of the few BioWare branches that are still looked upon favourably by the public but that seems to be of little help.

EA decided to give SWTOR to a third party in order to move the staff from BioWare Austin to the upcoming Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles but that is only one small part of the story.

Most of the current BioWare Austin staff will move to Broadsword Online Games, who are the third-party handlers of SWTOR.

Meanwhile, the developers who stay behind will be offered a chance to move to other positions and teams inside EA but there is apparently no option to remain with BioWare Austin.

It is also suggested that the devs who are unable to move to Broadsword or find a new place within EA will be laid off. When you consider all of the above, it paints a picture of a future BioWare without the Austin branch pretty clearly.


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