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Valorant balance update brings significant Chamber buffs

Published: 01:40, 07 June 2023
Chamber is carrying himself like a champ, given all these nerfs
Chamber is carrying himself like a champ, given all these nerfs

Valorant is trying to shift the meta again and if you like guns without having to pay much for them, there are some good news in store for you.

Riot Games revealed the latest balance patch notes for Valorant , which included minor and major changes to agents who may shift into or out of meta.

Breach is receiving an indirect nerf but an overall improvement for everyone's sanity. 

His ultimate will now have better visuals to clarify the edge of the AoE which should lead to fewer rage quits after getting disabled in what looked like the area outside the ulti.

Chamber's changes are the most significant this time around because the series of nerfs saw him fall out of the players' favour after patch 5.12. Rendezvous (E) will no longer have weapon equip time lockout after teleporting, giving him more flexibility while defending areas.

Trademark (C) disable range is increased from 4,000 to 5,000 units and trap arm speed is down to just two seconds, previously having been four.

Tour De Force (X) fire rate has been increased by 15 per cent.

Viper's nerfs should give Harbor some space Viper's nerfs should give Harbor some space

Viper will regenerate her fuel slower now as the regeneration is going down from five to 3.3 per cent per second. In other words, it will take her 30 seconds to get to max fuel from zero, up from 20.

Overall, Valorant should feel more reliant on weapons and less on abilities now.


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