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Caliber weekly operator discounts and recommendations (May 31, 2023)

Published: 20:20, 07 June 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - Discounted operators from June 7 to 14, 2023
Caliber - Discounted operators from June 7 to 14, 2023

Another week of discounted operators in Caliber and another week of recommendations as each of these three have something good going for them.

From June 7 to 14, 2023, Caliber has Starkadr, Miguel and Canglong on sale. They will all cost 150,000 Credits until the next rotation.

Since 1C Game Studios made PvE and PvP portions of the game, each of these operators can be recommended, even if they are good in only one part.

For example, Canglong is easily the best marksman you can bring to PvE but he only finds any success in lower PvP ranks.

The reasons are simple - his primary weapon one-shots almost all PvE enemies and his ability makes them completely ignore him. However, his rifle's bullets are slow and experienced players know how to exploit this and avoid getting hit altogether while he is not truly invisible to human opponents as they can see a shimmer even while the Chinese sniper is using his Harry Potter cloak.

1C Game Studios Caliber - BOPE operator teaser Many thought Martelo would play like Starkadr but that turned out to be a fluke

Starkadr is the opposite. He is very strong in PvP and can wipe entire teams on his own, as long as his ability doesn't get shut down by EMP, usually carried by Bishop and Rein. The ability is hardly ever useful in PvE though so bringing him there is not recommended. Also make sure to apply Strelok's passive for recoil reduction in order to get one of the most competitive firearms in the game.

Miguel is the only operator that doesn't excel in either PvE or PvP as he is more of a niche pick. The best recommendation is to play him in close-quarters PvP maps like Al Rabad. Keep in mind that this gadget can revive teammates at range, which is one of his selling points.


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