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Bungie's reveals about Destiny 2 transmog system kills everyone's hype for it

Published: 23:35, 23 April 2021
Destiny 2 - Transmog system preview
Destiny 2 - Transmog system preview

Transmog system was one of the most anticipated features in Destiny 2 in recent years and now that it's on our doorstep, Bungie managed to disappoint everyone with the way it works.

Armor Synthesis, as Bungie call Destiny 2's transmog system, is coming with Season 14 which is scheduled for arrival on May 11, 2021. For many, this would be the stuff of dreams but Bungie's monetisation plans got in the way and made the system pretty lacklustre for the players.

Primarily, the disappointment comes from the caps the devs placed on the transmog currency - you can earn enough only for four sets of armour in the inaugural season and for just two each season afterwards. These numbers are based on each class but there is the slight issue of Destiny 2 having almost four years of content at the time of Armor Synthesis' introduction.

That means it would take completionists well over a decade to get all the armour pieces converted into ornaments that could be applied to any Legendary gear's appearance. As you may have guessed by now, the only way to bypass this time gate is to purchase more tokens via microtransactions in the Eververse store.

Needless to say, the reception for this bit of news was overwhelmingly negative, and for good reasons. Players were not happy about the system being needlessly complicated since you need to grind the first currency, with which you purchase a bounty that awards another currency upon completion. That second currency can be converted into third currency , which can be finally used for transmog.

Memes started flowing about both the  complex system that seems to herald grinding and the fact that BUngie are even putting a cap on that particular grind, in order to push people into purchasing tokens through microtransactions .

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
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When you see that all the examples we linked above are just a portion of player complaints in one of the three main Destiny 2 subreddits, you can see just how bad the players feel about this direction.

Then again, you can also find many players dishing out excuses for Bungie, even though Destiny 2 costs about $80 each year. Side note, even that amount doesn't give you access to everything the game has to offer.

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