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Bungie warns players to expect some issues in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Published: 12:24, 22 February 2022
Destiny 2: Glaive versus Lucent Brood
Destiny 2: Glaive versus Lucent Brood

Destiny 2 is just hours away from the next expansion and while the hype among the players is high, Bungie warns of the known issues that might curb your enthusiasm.

Just like any big release these days, Destiny 2 : The Witch Queen is expected to come with its share of problems. This tiny but important detail is often forgotten by the players who give in to hype as their favourite title is about to get more content so the developers themselves are warning players to temper their expectations in some areas.

They announced the known issues through a Twitter thread but here is a quick list in case you don't like scrolling too much:

  • It's recommended to set up Cross Save before logging in because Season Pass is only applied to the first set of characters that signs in
  • PsiOps Battlegrounds playlist activity has recommended Power level of 1500 (soft cap) even though it's not displayed
  • Overload mods for auto rifle and SMG don't interrupt Overload Champions' health regen after stunning them
  • Opening character screen with full inventory on Xbox consoles leads to FPS drop
  • Grave Robber is disabled for The Enigma glaive. It will be re-enabled in an upcoming hotfix
  • Glaive melee kills don't count for objectives that require melee kills
  • Ghost tracking mods don't work properly in the Throne World
  • Enemies with Volatile on them don't count for bounties when killed by AoE
  • Some player buffs and debuffs are missing their icons

Except for the FPS drops on Xbox consoles, nothing seems to be game-breaking, so it shouldn't be impossible to get through content and find workarounds until actual fixes come around.

It doesn't mean it won't be annoying though. We're looking at you, Overload pests.

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