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Bungie reveal that The Last Word is finally coming to Destiny 2

Published: 11:17, 29 January 2019
Picture of The Last Word handcannon in Destiny 2
Destiny 2 - The Last Word

Destiny fans have been asking Bungie to add Last Word to Destiny 2 for a long while now and it seems like the developers finally decided to fulfil their wish. This PvP monster is not coming alone, however, as Thorn has been teased as well.

Hand cannons are particularly satisfying weapons for a large portion of Destiny 2 community. No need to take our word for it, just go to any Destiny 2 related forum and ask the players themselves. Anyway, that bit of satisfaction missed the crown jewel, The Last Word, for a long time. The wait is over now as Bungie announced the hand cannon in the video embedded above.

They haven't officially revealed its stats, but it is expected to retain the low hip fire recoil that made it beloved in the original Destiny. Furthermore, the video hints at this as the player is shown fan firing the weapon extensively. PvP enthusiasts will likely be delighted with the new addition, while PvE players don't mind other weapons with more recoil due to their enemies usually being bigger and easier to hit.

The Last Word is making its Destiny 2 debut on 29 January 2019, which is earlier than anyone could really expect, since the video itself was posted only on 28 January 2019. Players can get their hands on The Last Word through completing The Draw Exotic Quest. Anyway, the video description, along with the video's final seconds teased another addition that is yet to come.

This addition will be the other PvP favourite hand cannon, Thorn. While some players found it to be their favourite in Destiny, others hated every second of its existence. This is due to its Mark of the Devourer upgrade, which made Thorn's bullets penetrate enemies and leave them with lingering damage.

Bungie Picture of a player shooting The Last Word in Destiny 2 Destiny 2 - The Last Word hip fire

It essentially bled out any players who were on low health, so they could die even after killing Thorn's owner, which can be annoying for obvious reasons. Thorn will be coming later though, at some point during the Season of the Drifter.

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