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Bungie is nerfing Stompees in Destiny 2's next season

Published: 12:52, 22 April 2022
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie announced several changes to aerial combat in Destiny 2, which included numerous Exotic armour buffs, with the Stompees being the only exception as it was nerfed.

Hunters might have to roll a different build in Season 17 when Destiny 2 pretty much overhauls the mechanics of aerial combat. Currently, players are going to be accurate enough while mid-air as long as they slap an Icarus Grip on their weapon but that will no longer be the case in the new sandbox.

Bungie will reduce the impact of Icarus Grip, while providing passive airborne accuracy on various Exotic armour pieces and all firearms. In the case of all the Exotic armour pieces affected, they are getting buffed, except for the Stompies.

Exotics can provide up to 40 in-air accuracy boost, depending on which one you're wearing but Stompies provide a -50 penalty. In other words, the Hunters' Exotic that is there to increase their mobility is going to punish them for being in the air.

Generally, the jumpy crew tends to eat a sniper bullet if they are in the air too much on PC but console players are going to be beyond delighted as their headaches with jump spammers will be reduced.

As for the boots' other bonuses, they are not getting touched but since the penalty for in-air accuracy will keep them landlocked, they will be well-balanced as other classes will have air superiority.

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That said, Hunters can still be accurate in the air, they just need to wear a different pair of boots.

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