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Bright Dust gains will be reduced in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Published: 14:43, 30 October 2020
Destiny 2 - Beyond Light
Destiny 2 - Beyond Light

Bungie announced a rather controversial change to the Bright Dust acquisition in an attempt to alleviate the players' dependency on Destiny 2 bounties.

Bounties in Destiny 2 are something the players are fed up with and Bungie are taking steps to reduce their impact on the game. The step mentioned in the latest TWAB , weekly bounties from Zavala, Shaxx and Drifter will offer only half the Bright Dust they previously did.

In an attempt to compensate for the loss of income, Bungie will add 10,500 Bright Dust to the season pass, which previously held 2,700 Bright Dust in total. Controversy arose soon after the announcement since many players saw that the compensation is not nearly enough to cover the 50 per cent cut in weekly gains.

Some have done the math to showcase the difference players would get if farming Bright Dust through bounties on just one character, two or three before Beyond Light, compared to similar efforts after the expansion hits. 

The math yielded the following results:

  • Farming the bounties on just one character will make you break even
  • Farming on two will make you earn 21 per cent less Bright Dust in total
  • Farming on three characters will make you earn 31 per cent less

Granted, not everyone will farm that much but the other problem is that Destiny 2 will now require you to diligently farm bounties every week, if you want to be prepared and be able to purchase something that you might like in the future. 

For example, with the current system, a player could farm up 3,600 Bright Dust each week, not counting daily repeatable bounties, which would mean slightly less than two weeks worth of farm would be needed for an ornament set. Considering these sets are usually accompanied by seasonal bounties that offer up to additional 1,200 Bright Dust perk week, one could farm up 4,800 per week and manage to grab three ornament sets if they saved up 3,600 BD before the event started.

Destiny 2

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
Destiny 2

With the new system, players will be able to get 2,400 BD per week which would translate to just one ornament set for their characters, unless they saved up that currency from the season pass, especially for the event. Farming up over the course of four weeks will no longer be an option really since that would yield a total of 9,200 Bright Dust from completing all the bounties given by Eva, Shaxx, Drifter and Zavala.

The only positive side here is that players who never farmed Bright Dust will have more per season but that will amount to roughly one ornament set and one Legendary cosmetic each season.

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