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Boneworks earned $3 million in opening week

Published: 15:45, 31 December 2019
Stress Level Zero
Boneworks player

Boneworks came from the shadows and overthrew Beat Saber in VR races to milestones as it was the first one to reach $3 million in revenue during the opening week, on the shoulders of another milestone that the game reached before the rhythm one.

VR games are ramping up and there is no doubt about that. Beat Saber found its way to many headlines during 2019 but as it turns out, this isn't even the most successful VR title of the year, at least according to some metrics.

Boneworks from Stress Level Zero had the honour to first and the title did it in the opening week. Compared to Beat Saber, this is a huge milestone for more than one reason. First, it took Beat Saber a month to reach 100,000 copies sold. Second, Beat Saber was cheaper back then, at $19.99 a pop while Boneworks costs $29.99. 

Therefore, it also meant that Boneworks reached $3 million in revenue in the opening week, while Beat Saber took a month to earn $2 million. Still, as successful as it may be, Bonework will not be the top dog for long as Half-Life: Alyx is due for release in March 2020. Considering the title caused lack of VR system stock for retailers, it's hard to imagine it won't sell like hotcakes.

Then again, this whole development is bigger than individual companies and their milestones. It is a clear indicator that VR is expanding at a brisk pace as more and more users pour in from both PC and console camps.

Stress Level Zero Boneworks Boneworks

Considering Boneworks' late release date in regards to 2019, it didn't manage to get into the top 100 list Steam published while Beat Saber became the first VR title to be featured there.

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