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Superhot VR gets review bombed after disturbing scene removal

Published: 07:10, 24 July 2021
Superhot Team
A gun shooting at red humanoid shaped creatures in the game Super Hot

VR shootout extravaganza, Superhot, started getting negative reviews en masse following the removal of some story elements that were found offensive.

Superhot  VR has you killing countless enemies level in, level out, but when it comes to killing your own character, it appears this was going too far for someone as the devs got complaints post-launch. As a result, they introduced a toggle that would remove these self-harm scenes but it apparently wasn't enough as the latest update completely removed them from the game, without an option to keep them - years after release. It was this mandatory change that caused the fans to drastically shift their view of the game since story elements were cut, after the purchase. 

Following the review bombing, the devs took notice and provided their own two cents on the matter. It appears that this change was only step one in a two-step process to replace these scenes with something else. Furthermore, they noted they didn't expect the revolt from the players but see their point.

That said, it looks like Superhot Team has no intention of bringing these scenes back and a future update will simply add whatever replacement was planned for them. 

Overall, only 19 per cent positive reviews happened since the review bombing started in a game that otherwise has 80 per cent or more positive impressions.

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