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Half-Life: Alyx set to be Steam's biggest launch of 2020 yet

Published: 14:21, 20 March 2020
A shot of the gravity gloves from Half Life: Alyx.
The future is now. With a heart shaped health bar!

It now looks like Half-Life: Alyx could be doing for VR adoption what it did for the FPS genre with the first instalment in the franchise. At the time of writing, there's said to be more than 300,000 preorders, almost half of which are Valve Index owners.

According to PlayTracker Insight's estimates, Half-Life: Alyx going past 300,000 means it's breathing down the neck of 2020's top releases like Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus or Black Mesa, to name but a few.

Half-Life: Alyx's launch is slated for Monday, 23 March 2020, and it's widely expected that release day sales will help Valve come out on top, if they're not there already by launch. 

Note that the 300,000 number covers all the versions, namely,single purchases, promotions and the Half-Life: Alyx editions that come bundled with Valve's Index VR headsets. The latter are said to be responsible for around 119,000 of the total figure.

Just to paint a better picture of why this is quite impressive - VR owners make up for measly 1 per cent of Steam's total userbase. Valve Index owners make up for about 7 per cent of the total VR userbase. PlayTracker Insight estimate that this totals to about 119,000 players.

Taking our eyes off of the VR market for a moment, Half-Life: Alyx has given the entire franchise's catalogue a boost. After all the jokes and memes about HL3 all these years, fans are obviously brushing up on their game ahead of launch.

Valve Half-Life: Alyx poster showing 23 March release date Half-Life: Alyx, Release Date

Having started as an almost exclusively experimental branch, VR has matured by leaps and bounds, arguably being on the brink of making it into what one could consider mainstream. The tech's adoption has grown exponentially in the past few years, and Half-Life: Alyx just might to the trick. 

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