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Crackdown is Blaston's new single player campaign

Published: 15:00, 21 June 2021
Updated: 12:31, 21 June 2021
Resolution Games
Blaston - Crackdown update
Blaston - Crackdown update

Blaston's new update, titled Crackdown, just introduced a bunch of new improvements. The single-player campaign also brought a new arena as well as new attractions to the Ozo Lounge.

Blaston just got its next major update today. Resolution Games just released ‘Crackdown,’ a new single-player campaign for the VR shooter, loaded with new content and social features. 

The Crackdown update will, for the first time, allow the contenders to play a single-player campaign that delves into the backstory of the world of Blaston.

"Our players have been keen to learn more about the world of Blaston, and in crafting a new single-player campaign, not only are we able to tell a compelling story, but we’re also able to help new players get more comfortable with the game’s super-cool, kinetic combat before going 1-on-1 against real competitors," said Tom Hall, senior creative director at Resolution Games. 

"The Crackdown update brings a lot of enhancements for our hardcore veteran players, too, with new social features helping competitors to connect."

As part of today’s update, contenders will be introduced to two of the competing factions in the Blaston universe. 

Players who take on the role of a new NeoTexx contender can make their way through the Octopresence ModOps forces cracking down on illegal Blaston matches in The Warhouse arena. NeoTexx contenders can also find their way into the new arena, Scrapper’s Market, and take on their boss, Argentia.

On the way to the new arena, contenders can take a rest and visit the game’s social hub, the Ozo Lounge. 

The Ozo Lounge offers a nice place to hang out, challenge other players to friendly duels, take pictures and upload them to Discord, and explore new features that come with the update. The new features include a jukebox in Disco 99 and an improved version of Blaston’s arcade game-within-a-game, Super Alien Blast.

Another feature of the Crackdown update includes integration with the bHaptics TactSuit for the Oculus Quest platforms, the next generation full-body haptic suit that lets users immerse themselves even deeper into the VR experience by physically feeling every hit.

"We’ve seen more than 4 million online matches of Blaston played to date, and we’re just getting started," said Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. 

"With new players discovering Blaston every day, we’re committed to building out our virtual world of underground combat for a long time to come. Crackdown is just one of several significant updates that are already on our roadmap — with a big focus on giving competitors everything they need to feel like a virtual champion."

The Crackdown update is available now as a free download to all current Blaston owners on Oculus and SteamVR . New contenders who would like to download Blaston can do so for Oculus Quest and SteamVR. 

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