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Blue Box confirm Abandoned Prologue release date

Published: 13:23, 14 October 2021
Blue Box Game Studios
Abandoned Prologue is coming in Q1 2021
Abandoned Prologue is coming in Q1 2021

Blue Box Game Studios have silently announced a delay for Abandoned Prologue, which is not set to release in early Q1 2022 for PlayStation 5.

Somewhat forgotten PlayStation 5 exclusive Abandoned should be launching early in Q1 2021, the developer Blue Box Game Studios announced. 

Interestingly, Blue Box did not release an official announcement via their social media channels to confirm this. They simply changed their header on Twitter to a new artwork that includes a subtitle confirming the new release date.

In case you are not familiar with Abandoned Prologue, this is basically a standalone game with its own set of PS trophies while the actual Abandoned game will be released sometime in 2022, probably during the Holiday season.

You may recall that the rumours surrounding this game went completely silent after the developer launched the PS5 app, which only featured a short video of a man walking in a dark room. This was a major disappointment for those who expected to finally see what the game is about, hoping that Blue Box Game Studios is actually Kojima Productions and Hasan Kahraman is Hideo himself. 

Of course, none of that happened and probably never will but it looks like PlayStation fans are ready to die on this hill and are still hopeful that Kojima is working on a PlayStation exclusive Silent Hill. 

Abandoned will only be available on PlayStation 5. 

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