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Blue Box promise to reveal more of PlayStation 5 exclusive Abandoned in Q1 2022

Published: 12:50, 24 December 2021
Abandoned trailer app was already delayed a couple of times
Abandoned trailer app was already delayed a couple of times

Blue Box studio tease more Abandoned content for Q1 2022, saying that the game reveal is around the corner while the Prologue is "closer and closer". 

Remember Abandoned? The survival horror exclusive for PlayStation 5, developed by a small and very mysterious studio named Blue Box? It's totally fine if you forgot about this one since the dev team have been silent ever since they released the demo which featured a five seconds clip of a man walking in a dark room. 

Today, Blue Box decided to release a blog post and explain what they've been up to for the last several months and also reveal their plans for the upcoming 2022. 

The team revealed some pretty interesting stuff regarding the troubled development of Abandoned. Blue Box state that they've reworked the game a couple of times since it "did not achieve and meet their vision at all".

On top of this, they say that the team "faced hardships to properly showcase the game through the Realtime Experience" due to "the ongoing pressure of rumours"

In case you're not familiar with those, some claimed that Blue Box studio is not real and that the whole Abandoned thing is actually a smokescreen for a new Silent Hill game by Hideo Kojima. Quite the stretch. 

Anyway, Blue Box confirmed that the work on the game is ongoing and they plan to showcase more in Q1 2022 when another reveal is coming as well as the release of the Prologue. 

"Q1 2022 is going to be interesting for fans of Abandoned. With the game reveal being around the corner and the release of the Prologue coming closer and closer, we are working hard to make sure to showcase the game at the best and stable way possible."

What exactly Blue Box plan to show us in this Prologue, it remains to be seen. We sincerely hope that this time, we actually get a playable demo and not a five seconds clip of someone advertising his fancy shoes. 

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