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Abandoned developer respond to cancellation rumours

Published: 10:39, 01 April 2022
Blue Box Game Studios
Abandoned Prologue is coming in Q1 2021
Abandoned Prologue is coming in Q1 2021

Blue Box Game Studios say that the rumours are false and that Abandoned is still coming, though, the Prologue has been delayed indefinitely. 

Blue Box Game Studios have responded to the recent rumours which suggested that Abandoned has been cancelled . Recently, Blue Box have been quietly deleting tweets regarding the game's reveal which was supposed to happen in Q1 2022, which led people to believe that the game has been quietly cancelled. 

However, Blue Box have commented on those rumours via their official Twitter, denying that the game has been cancelled. 

Here is  the statement from Blue Box Game Studios  in full:

"Recently we have been bombarded with requests and questions regarding the development status for Abandoned.

In regards to the latest rumours regarding Abandoned being cancelled, our response to this is that these rumours are false.

We are working on the reveal via the Realtime Experience app and online channels along with the prologue of the game."

Sony Abandoned trailer app was already delayed a couple of times Abandoned trailer app was already delayed a couple of times

BlueBox also confirmed they are delaying the reveal of the game via the app. They need more time to make it stable and ready for launch.

"These [Prologue and reveal] were initially planned for Q1 2022 but unfortunately, we aren't ready yet as we underestimated our development roadmap. Therefore we have delayed the reveal and the release for Abandoned: Prologue."

Abandoned was announced a couple of years ago but we still haven't seen any proper gameplay. The game is exclusive to PlayStation 5 so it's possible we get to see it at Sony's upcoming games showcases. 

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