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Blizzard can't make up their minds if Overwatch 2 servers are loaded or DDoS-ed

Published: 01:00, 05 October 2022
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has launched and the game is plagued with lag, disconnects and queues while Blizzard is trying to figure out where to pin the blame.

Blizzard 's bad track record seems to be ready for an extension with Overwatch 2 which is already disappointing the fans in more ways than one but primarily with monetisation.

However, it's not monetisation that's an issue this time but rather the burst of interest in the game as it inherited the massive fan base the original acquired over the years.

With great player numbers come great server issues but there seems to be a bit of miscommunication inside the company about the issues' origin.

Initially, the official Overwatch Twitter account announced that more servers are being rolled out in order to accommodate all the players that are trying to get in but are stuck in queues while everyone else is suffering lag spikes.

There is nothing wrong with that one - launch days for live service games are always like that and the best the devs can do is provide more servers so people don't miss out on the fun.

Blizzard Overwatch 2 - Sojourn with the team Overwatch 2 is seeing a lot of interest on launch day, in game and via livestreams

Mike Ybarra, however, replied to that tweet by writing something that sounds off-script, claiming that the servers are under DDoS attacks while the rest of the official accounts didn't post anything along these lines.

Naturally, this didn't win any fans over as many perceived this statement as an excuse for the poor experience on launch day and without concrete evidence, it will be hard to prove it to be the case. That goes both ways though so it's hard to rule out an attempt at a generic excuse.

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