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BioWare shows off Anthem's gorgeous gameplay trailer

Published: 09:48, 06 July 2018
Three suits in Anthem
Anthem - "Fight back guardian, control the zones!"

BioWare and Electronic Arts have released a sizeable chunk of promotional gameplay footage for their upcoming service Anthem. It looks as pretty as any Frostbite game should and if nothing, there is lots of customisation available.

Anthem's lead produce Ben Irving now takes us through pretty much everything you should expect from BioWare's new wares. The video is less than a minute shy of a runtime of 20 and is the same one BioWare showed to journos and fans on E3.

The mission in question is called Scars & Villainy and has four Anthem freelancers completing it together, a testament of BioWare's plan for a "social, co-op RPG". That's not to say that singleplayer suffers, not by a long shot so, the more the merrier.

Among the first things you'll see is your warframe, ahem, pardon, your exosuit, showing you any cosmetics and such. Travelling across the world, again courtesy of your exosuit, has some cool gimmicks as well, where waterfalls can help cool your thrusters. Speaking of environments, Anthem's are really something else, as the entire world looks just gorgeous.

Irving says Anthem's co-op is seamless in that it allows players of radically different levels to hop in a game together and play, without the difficulty RPGs would normally introduce in such scenarios. Much like in RPGs though, players will do well to synergise their capabilities, in order to maximise their damage output.

As for the exosuits, BioWare lets players choose between four classes - Ranger, Storm, Colossus and Interceptor. The names obviously hint at what they do so we won't waste your time re-explaining the re-explained.

BioWare promises loot out the you-know-what and a bunch of customisation options, letting you pimp your exos to the point where they'll radically differ from that same exo's vanilla version.

All in all, it increasingly seems like Anthem is Destiny by way of EA and even though they may share the same far-fetchedness, BioWare is actually pulling it off. Fix the overly large damage numbers and it already looks a way better game, although that may just be my personal preference talking.

BioWare Screenshot from anthem showing a Javelin flying through the air with explosions around Anthem

Anthem is on track for 22 February 2018 launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

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