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EA, Bioware seek Anthem feedback from influencers, ignore rest

Published: 10:10, 13 June 2019
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Even though Anthem's booth at E3 was a perfect chance to get some feedback from players, beginners and veterans alike, Bioware decided to take a different path, by rounding up their Anthem influencers and asking them for their opinions.

A tweet by head of Anthem's live service Chad Robertson said that they're looking forward to the Game Changers feedback session at EA Play 2019, but some players were confused as to why regular players aren't being consulted, despite visiting Anthem's booth in droves. 

The player that asked this question was told it's best if he went over to AHQ Anthem and posted his feedback there, since that is "the best way to make sure [Bioware] get it." 

It all culminated in a Reddit post that openly criticised Bioware for prioritising the feedback of Anthem's influencers over that of actual fans, which does seem like a peculiar choice.

After all, influencers have a financial interest in the game, which immediately puts objectivity into question, and that's not the sort of feedback you can use reliably. At least not if you want to keep Anthem alive. 

The post suggests that Bioware's influencer sitdown, therefore, has nothing to do with improving Anthem's gameplay, but is rather focused on the marketing side of things, which is certainly how it looks at the moment.

It didn't help that Bioware have been almost radio silent recently, which left the community practically to itself, and for the dev to come out with a photo of a relaxing meeting with Anthem's external marketing department, where they discuss the quality of the game, is dangerously close to an insult.

Now, we're not saying that the onslaught of 'fix Anthem' comments was an appropriate response to Robertson's tweet, but it shows just how desperate for communication some of these players are, that the discontent is boiling over everywhere.

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The in question has garnered quite a bit of attention and the replies are coming in thick and fast, from those arguing that seeking feedback from paid advertisers is a death-wish, to those who claim to finally understand why anyone who criticises the game is removed from Game Changers.

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