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BioWare insist Anthem is not bricking consoles, fix due next week

Published: 10:48, 07 March 2019
Concept art for Javelins, in-game exosuits from Anthem

BioWare's head of live service Chad Robertson has reacted to allegations of Anthem bricking PlayStation 4 consoles, denying that this is the case. He said the issue that makes them freeze up is harmless and promised a fix for next week.

"We've identified several causes for the temp power-down crash some PS4 users experienced. Fixes for the top issues are in patch next week. If you encounter a game crash where your PS4 console won't respond, you can manually power down and restart it – no risk of damage", he wrote.

For what it's worth, there are quite a few players who don't seem to be experiencing issues and whose Anthem experience seems to have been flawless right from the get-go.

Others, however, either reported connection issues or the said freezing, which could only be fixed by plugging the console out of the wall. While not entirely uncommon, it isn't something you normally do, and it definitely doesn't get you in the mood to start it over again.

EA recently to the concerns, asking Anthem players for crash reports or at least verbal accounts of what happened. Robertson now claims that there wasn't a single case of actual bricking of consoles.

"After thorough review, we have not encountered an instance where Anthem has 'bricked' a PS4 console. If you are experiencing anything different, please reach out to @EAHelp so we can track the incident and investigate", he wrote.

Coincidentally, a few users replied to the post claiming otherwise, although Sony's customer service seems to have addressed those cases. 

Damage or no damage, we're fairly confident most players will be waiting for the incoming Anthem patch, which Robertson says is due next week.

EA Javelin suits from Neill Blomkamp's Anthem short, Conviction Anthem, Conviction

If you're that anxious to fire it up - we mean Anthem, not your PS4 - you might want to start your PS4 in safe mode and rebuild its database, as some users reported it fixed a few other Anthem issues for them. Not the network ones mind you, those are yet to be addressed. 

You can find Robertson's tweet .

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