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Beat Saber is the first VR game on Steam's best seller list

Published: 20:15, 27 December 2019
Beat Games
Screenshot from Beat Saber showing stuff in red and blue colours
Beat Saber

Beat Saber turned out to be a wildly successful VR title but it is now a confirmed trailblazer for all future VR games. According to Steam's top sellers list, this is the first title in virtual reality that made the top 100.

Valve's annual "best of" lists are not entirely transparent as there are no numbers involved but they do offer a glimpse into what sells and what doesn't. While we already knew that Beat Saber is an awesome VR experience that became popular among sets compatible with PC and console alike, we couldn't really compare the actual sales to existing benchmarks.

With the latest top seller list on Steam, that changed a bit since Beat Saber became the first VR game to ever get into top 100 for the year. While it "only" made into the Bronze bracket, it is sharing that tier with some heavy hitters such as Mortal Kombat 11 and Jump Force. 

The fact that Cyberpunk 2077 is also in the Bronze tier is flattering but keep in mind that it's not due for another four months and these are the early preorders. Furthermore, the game is not limited to steam as roughly came from GOG. At least that was the case back in July 2019.

Anyway, the popularity of Beat Saber was in large part due to Beat Games' unique vision as well as their good ear for music but the fans did their part too. Many attribute the success after release to the subsequent tide of mods with new songs that made the experience better overall.

Beat Games Screenshot from Beat Saber showing stuff in mostly red colours Beat Saber

Beat Games' focus, later on, shifted to PlayStation 4 version of the game until they were eventually bought out by Facebook. Fans may not like the changes but they will probably mean more quality rhythm content in the future from the Czech developers.

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