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Beat Saber YouTube clips get flagged after a Jimmy Fallon show

Published: 08:58, 29 April 2019
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Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a rhythm game that contains a pile of songs, obviously, but one of them can get people's YouTube videos automatically claimed because it appeared on an episode of Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show and devs can't fix this.

Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show recently featured a Beat Saber section where both the host and his guest, Brie Larson, played the VR Game.

Normally, it would just be a regular bit of marketing that could benefit the whole VR industry but now it appears that YouTube's algorithm is automatically flagging any content creators' videos featuring the song and automatically blocks them.

Fallon played Beat Saber with the $100 Bills track, which is the example used by Joetastic, whose because he attempted to beat the same track on Expert difficulty with the full combo. 

When he reached out to Beat Games, they couldn't help him unfortunately because the issue is on YouTube's end due to the algorithm detecting the same Content ID, automatically claiming the video in the process.

Beat Games did, however, to Jimmy Fallon's network and stated that they will attempt to fix this issue on their end, but when it comes to the bottom line, it was YouTube's mistake and it's possible that Fallon's team of the automatic copyright claims.

YouTube's recent algorithm change has been much less than popular and it appears that people something like this to happen, the moment someone posted that Beat Saber would be featured on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. 

Meanwhile, there don't seem to be any flags or claims on videos featuring Jaroslav Beck ft. Summer Haze - Escape, which was the song Brie Larson was going through.

Beat Games Picture from Beat Saber showing stuff in mostly blue colour Beat Saber

There may be a logical explanation behind this but we are entirely certain this is a super secret conspiracy where Marvel wouldn't let anyone know what Captain Marvel was doing during the time she was missing from Avengers movies.

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