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Popular VR rhythm game Beat Saber is coming to PSVR soon

Published: 18:33, 09 November 2018
Beat Games
Screenshot from Beat Saber showing stuff in red and blue colours
Beat Saber

Sony have announced that the popular VR rhythm game Beat Saber is coming to PSVR on 20 November 2018. While this is great news for PlayStation 4 owners, PC players feel betrayed due to Beat Games leaving the development before finishing.

Beat Games have left the development of Beat Saber a few months back in order to pursue PlayStation 4 exclusives, presumably because Sony's heavy purse often helps with decision making. This will benefit PSVR owners the most as they will get access to an amazing rhythm game.

Beat Saber has been garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews since its early days, and the developer company has been loved by the fans up until the moment they left development mid-way through in order to work on PS4 version of Beat Saber. Keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing the game on PlayStation 4 as the reviews of the PC version may get bombed soon.

At the time of writing, Beat Saber boasted 97 per cent positive reviews on Steam, while it's unrated on Metacritic due to a lack of reviews which can be attributed to VR gaming not being that popular yet. The two reviews that are there are 85 and 90 out of 100.

Considering Beat Saber cost $19,99 / €19,99 / £15,49 on PC, it is expected to cost the same on PlayStation 4. The gallery below shows that a style consisting of just blue and red can be rather colourful and dynamic, but the pictures don't do the game justice really. The PSVR announcement trailer above shows only one of the tracks in Beat Saber, while most of them were handcrafted for the game. One such example is Escape, embedded below.

While Beat Saber will not offer any opportunities to meet Ugandan Knuckles and other silly stuff, it is sure to be a thrill to those seeking adrenaline in virtual reality. Beat Saber exclusive songs on PSVR, while the PC community will have to rely on modders to bring them new content.

Screenshots from Beat Saber VR rhythm game by Beat Games

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Beat Saber

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