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Beat Saber will be one of Oculus Quest's launch titles

Published: 10:41, 19 March 2019
Beat Games
Screenshot from Beat Saber showing stuff in mostly red colours
Beat Saber

Oculus have announced that Beat Saber will be one of the launch titles for the on-the-go VR gaming system Oculus Quest, which should provide additional movement flexibility to the players due to not being restricted to a single room.

Oculus Quest is probably the pioneer of the next steps of VR gaming as it is an all-in-one headset with controllers that doesn't require a PC or cables to run. This should offer the user unprecedented freedom of movement and immersion as they don't have to watch out for cables they could step or trip on.

As Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games right now, it was only a matter of time before it was announced for Oculus Quest, but the company went one step further an announced it as one of the launch titles.

Technically, Beat Saber doesn't require much movement itself as the player only needs to move their arms in order to follow the rhythm and wreck those cubes in a proper direction most of the time. Still, experiencing the high tempo music in the game without the constraints of having a PC or cables around should definitely improve the experience.

Beat Games' head of marketing, Michaela Dvorak, that one of the best qualities of Beat Saber is that the game was polished even while being in Steam's Early Access, which many fans noticed themselves. For that reason, she liked Oculus Quest as it managed to deliver stunning visuals, smooth and polished gameplay and great tracking.

The last bit is probably the most important once you get into a heated part of the song where snappy controls will come in handy to keep the combo up.

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While no cables is one of Oculus Quest's main strengths, it may also prove to be a weakness as it's possible a battery could be near depletion during a gaming session, which would likely impair the said tracking. It was already confirmed the system is not as powerful as Oculus Rift but this was expected due to its mobile nature.

Screenshots from Beat Saber VR rhythm game by Beat Games

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Beat Saber

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