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Steam might lose older versions of games in the future

Published: 11:20, 26 September 2021
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Steam Illustration by AltChar

Valve released a Steam update that has got some players worried about their favourite games since they rely on older versions of the titles.

Steam has a ton of great features for its users but one of them might go missing in the future. It refers to the ability to download an older version of a game, which might go away in the future, as indicated by the update from September 23, 2021 . While this may sound like something of no importance at first, there are distinct player groups that would lose a lot, should the feature go missing. 

Even if most regular players don't need older versions of a game, groups like speedrunners sometimes rely on them to keep exploiting a glitch or mechanics that were present in earlier versions, in order to shave off anywhere between a few milliseconds and several hours from their run.

That said, there are players other than speedrunners that rely on older versions of a game as well. For example,  Beat Saber  players often mod in a pile of additional tracks that provide a much more diverse experience since new official tracks aren't added that often. Whenever a new update for the game pops up, it breaks the mods' functionality and players either have to give the mods up or roll the game back to an older version where they worked.

It's for these reasons that Steam might come under fire in the future and players are already trying to get Valve to reverse the decision , while it's still in the beta.

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