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Beat Saber is getting DLC songs soon, PC finally gets PS4 tracks

Published: 10:44, 05 March 2019
Beat Games
Screenshot from Beat Saber showing stuff in red and blue colours
Beat Saber

Beat Games have announced that Beat Saber will get the first Music Pack DLC on 14 March 2019 while the previously PS4 exclusive Campaign and five tracks from OST Vol. 2 will finally arrive to PC as well, marking the first update in a while.

Beat Games' announcement was somewhat convoluted as players couldn't make out what content will come as a free update and what will be paid DLC. Apparently, OST Vol. 2 and the Campaign, both of which were already available on PlayStation 4 will now arrive to PC in a free update.

Meanwhile, the new Music Pack will be paid DLC that will add several tracks at the same time. This is the only content that Beat Games confirmed will be paid. Unfortunately, the developers didn't state how much the Music Pack will cost, but since the base game is $19,99 / €19,99 / £15,49.

Still, both PC and PlayStation 4 players will get free music tracks in the future but they will be released one at a time and not in a bundle as the Music Packs will. 

To top it off, PC players will have a different UI after the update. While some welcomed the change, a fair chunk of the player base found themselves worried about their mods. Beat Saber updates had a tendency to make the installed mods defunct in the past and the upcoming update is all but sure to break the players' mods once it goes live.

Beat Games there will be an upcoming blog post that will explain more technical details about the update which will apparently feature some tweaks and improvements as well. Considering Beat Saber has a staggering 97 per cent positive reviews on Steam, it's hard to figure out what could be further improved but it's good the developers are looking forward regardless.

Beat Games Screenshot from Beat Saber showing stuff in black, blue and red colours Beat Saber

They didn't mention whether updates will come sooner on PlayStation 4 than PC in the future though, but the community on Steam should have plenty of new tracks coming in due to the popular mod support.

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