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Baby Eliksni plushies announced for future sale on Bungie store

Published: 15:40, 08 May 2021
Destiny 2 - Fallen baby plushie
Destiny 2 - Fallen baby plushie

Bungie stole everyone's hearts with the baby Fallen in the trailer for Season of the Splicer and what everyone wanted after that are plushies to buy. Well, they will be in store soon.

Lil'iksni, as some fans call them, have been the stars of the latest Season of the Splicer trailer, despite appearing only briefly. The way one Fallen held those baby burritos made everyone's hearts melt and Bungie have noted this reaction.

They recently announced that the Bungie store will feature plush dolls made in the baby Fallen likeness but the current page is just a placeholder . The Smallen, as other fans came to fondly call them, are meant to be about 10 inches / 25cm long but since the plushie is still in the development phase, Bungie noted that details might be subject to change. We will know for sure when the production is complete but even if there are deviations, they shouldn't be too big.

Even though the production is ongoing, the wait for these adorable plushies is not going to be too long as the store page also mentions that shipping ETA is before the end of 2021, leaving up to seven months until we can get our hands on the Smallen.

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The price will be added at a later date so don't get confused by the current placeholder one. It's just that Bungie folks really like number seven.

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