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Atomic Heart devs Mundfish say they are "undeniably a pro-peace organization"

Published: 08:35, 17 January 2023
Atomic Heart is being developed by Mundfish, a Russian studio with headquarters in Cyprus
Atomic Heart is being developed by Mundfish, a Russian studio with headquarters in Cyprus

Mundfish say they don't comment on politics or religion and are only focused on getting Atomic Heart into the hands of gamers everywhere. 

Developers of the upcoming Bioshock-like shooter Atomic Heart found themselves in somewhat of a controversy after refusing to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and blocking TheGamer journalist who asked Mundfish  for their support of Ukraine. 

Recently, it's also come to light that Atomic Heart will be published in Russia by VK , meaning that any money Mundfish receive from sales will be taxed by the state and then presumably used to fund the aggression against Ukraine. 

On top of this, Mundfish's social media managers allegedly used the hide option on Twitter to hide pro-Ukraine replies under their posts. It's a bad look for the company to say the least but Mundfish released a statement today, in which they clarified their position. Interestingly, they did not specifically mention Russia or Ukraine. 

"Guys, we have noted the questions surrounding where we, at Mundfish, stand. We want to assure you that Mundfish is a developer and studio with a global team focused on an innovative game and is undeniably a pro-peace organization against violence against people,"  Mundfish tweeted.

Mundfish added that they don't usually comment on politics or religion, which probably won't sit well with a large proportion of gamers who don't think condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine is political. The company said their only goal at the moment is to wrap up the development of Atomic Heart and get the game into gamers' hands worldwide. 

"We do not comment on politics or religion. Rest assured; we are a global team focused on getting Atomic Heart into the hands of gamers everywhere," Mundfish stated in the Twitter thread.

Steam Atomic Heart now set to release on February 21, 2023 Atomic Heart developers say they don't comment on religion or politics

Lastly, the team were very clear that they won't accept spammers that post hateful and violent language or content. We presume they refer to the comments under their Twitter posts from pro-Ukraine profiles that have been throwing all sorts of accusations at the studio over the last couple of months. "We do not, and will not, condone contributors or spammers with offensive, hateful, discriminatory, violent, or threatening language or content."

And while many players will salute Mundfish's statement and call the case closed, some are already questioning the wording and how Mundfish decided to avoid mentioning Ukraine, Russia or terms like "aggression" or "invasion". 

The statement seems to have added only more fuel to the fire and will surely start more discussions over the next couple of days.

Atomic Heart is set to be released on February 20, 2023, for PC , PlayStation 5 , PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S , Xbox One and Game Pass. 


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