Atomic Heart - How to easily unlock the "Atomic Heart" trophy

Published: 14:39, 27 May 2023
Atomic Heart trophy/achievement guide
Atomic Heart trophy/achievement guide

Unlocking the "Atomic Heart" trophy/achievement in the same-named game is one of the hardest trophies to obtain, provided you do everything by the book. Here is how to easily unlock this trophy.

Atomic Heart , the latest RPG-based shooter from Mundfish , is one of those games that are a nightmare for all the trophy/achievement hunters because its Platinum contains the infamous "Hardest difficulty trophy," meaning in order to unlock the Platinum for this game, you will have to finish the game on the hardest difficulty, or Armageddon difficulty as it is called in Atomic Heart.

This trophy was the reason most trophy hunters actually gave up on this Platinum because it was glitched when the game first came out. Trust us when we say that finishing Atomic Heart even on the easiest difficulty will sometimes pose a challenge, to say nothing of the hardest one. Now that those glitches are resolved, many players are returning to the game to finish what they started earlier.

However, if you want this trophy to pop up for you, you will still have to finish the game on Armageddon, which is a formidable task. Or, you can follow our guide and find out how to unlock this trophy without too much fuss.

How to easily unlock the "Atomic Heart" trophy/achievement

If you want to do everything by the book and finish the game on Armageddon, then we applaud your dedication, but if you want to evade frustrations and make your life as the trophy hunter easier, follow these simple steps.

First, finish the game on the easiest difficulty. If you have a save game near the end of the story, you can load it as well. Once the game prompts you to choose the ending, choose the second one; this choice will open the path to Chelomey and the ultimate boss fight. After fighting the main boss, the credits will roll, and the game will end. Skip the credits, and the game will send you to the main menu.

Select the new game and choose the Armageddon difficulty. As soon as the opening cinematic starts, pause the game and, from the pause menu, choose load game. Load the first save on the list; this will send you back to the save point just before the final boss fight.

AltChar Atomic Heart - Focus your fire only on one of the twins during the final boss fight Atomic Heart - Focus your fire only on one of the twins during the final boss fight

Now, open the Nora machine and, if you don't have it already, create the Fat Boy grenade launcher and upgrade it to hold three grenades at the same time (this upgrade is obtained in Testing Ground 11, so if you don't have it, ignore this part). Also, if you don't have the resources to make Fat Boy, dismantle all other weapons; trust us, you won't need them.

Stuck upon the Fat Boy ammo and healing capsules, and you are good to go. Check out the difficulty again; remember, it must be set to Armageddon. Save the game and enter the boss fight. The fight will be slightly tougher since you are playing on Armageddon, but as soon as you use this strategy, the odds will be in your favor.

Focus your fire on one of the twins; you don't need to kill both of them. Once one of them loses her health, the second phase of the boss fight begins. Now, the twins will levitate and send the fire beams at you. Do your best to dodge them, and if you are hit by the beam, quickly use the healing capsule. Stay alive for about twenty seconds, and the trophy will pop up.


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