Atomic Heart - The "Burning Ears" trophy/achievement guide and tips

Published: 13:31, 27 May 2023
Atomic Heart - Unlocking the "Burning Ears" trophy
Atomic Heart - Unlocking the "Burning Ears" trophy

Finding all chirpers in Atomic Heart will reward you with the "Burning Ears" trophy/achievement. Even though this trophy seems glitched, it is possible to unlock it. Here is how.

On your path to unlocking all the trophies/achievements in Atomic Heart , Mundfish 's latest RPG-based shooter, you will come across many obstacles. Some of them will seem impassable, but fear not; the Platinum trophy can be unlocked in this game.

When Atomic Heart first came out, its trophies were completely glitched, and unlocking Platinum was an impossible task. After numerous game updates, those issues were mainly resolved, but two trophies still remain glitched, sort of. 

These trophies include "The Necromancer," whose unlocking we've already covered in a guide , and "Burning Ears," which is related to the first trophy because it also involves in-game collectables. If unlocking "Burning Ears" is giving you a headache, we've prepared a guide for you.

How to unlock the "Burning Ears" trophy

As was the case with "The Necromancer" trophy, Burning Ears is obtainable, but the counter that shows how many chirpers you've found throughout your gameplay seems stuck, or, to be more precise, will not rise, no matter how many of those little pocket watches you find. 

To solve this issue, start the new game and choose the "Peaceful Atom" difficulty for the sake of speedrunning through the game. Do not bother to collect chirpers until you reach the "Theater" level and the game prompts you to solve the ballerina puzzle. If you don't know how to solve this puzzle, check out our guide .

Mundfish Atomic Heart - Even though some trophies are still glitched, it is now possible to unlock the Platinum Atomic Heart - Even though some trophies are still glitched, it is now possible to unlock the Platinum

Next to the second ballerina, on the red chairs, you will find one chirper. After you pick it up, the game will miraculously start to count chirpers, and from that point on, no matter if you've already found them or not, each one you find will count. 

Find as many as you can through the rest of the game; if you are having trouble locating the chirpers, consult some of the online guides. After the main story is concluded, if you don't have enough on your counter, start the new game again and speedrun through the story to the point of the ballerina puzzle. Once you pick up that chirper, the counter will go up again.


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