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Arc Raiders shifts genre to extraction survival PVPvE shooter

Published: 15:59, 16 May 2023
Embark Studios
ARC Raiders is no longer a co-op looter shooter, Embark Studios announce
ARC Raiders is no longer a co-op looter shooter, Embark Studios announce

Developer Embark Studios have confirmed that Arc Raiders has taken a shape of a PvPvE survival extraction shooter and will soon have a closed alpha test.

The upcoming free-to-play shooter Arc Raiders is now a PvPvE survival extraction shooter. Embark Studios' title was originally a third-person co-op shooter but the team decided to make a major change during the development of a PvP mode, which was one of the reasons for the delay. 

Embark say that during the development, Arc Raiders take the shape of what they believe to be a truly promising extraction shooter that will still stay true to the universe they created. 

According to the blog post , the devs had a blast testing this new extraction mode internally. A small group of players will get to test this mode soon as Embark are preparing a closed alpha test.

The closed alpha test will mainly serve to test the game's core systems and gameplay loop. This will be the first test of Arc Raiders and an important step for the game, which only had internal tests so far. 

If you'd like to participate, you can sign up on Steam , but keep in mind that this is not a massive test so you might don't get that invite this time around. Embark say that the test will be under NDA so you won't be able to stream it, talk about it or share any screenshots online. The playtest will start this summer. 

Embark arc raiders Arc Raiders is no longer a third-person shooter, now, it's a third-person extraction PvPvE shooter, say Embark

 All in all, we hope to see Arc Raiders soon as the trailers that Embark shared a while ago looked pretty spectacular both in terms of gameplay and world design. 

Arc Raiders does not have a release date at the moment but we know it's coming to PC , PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S .


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